The Truth About Tax Lien “Ambulance Chasers”

If you’ve ever faced an IRS or state tax lien against you or your property, chances are you’ve received multiple calls from what I call tax lien “ambulance chasers.” These Boiler Room-style telemarketers call themselves “professional tax firms,” yet in reality are almost never owned by a licensed tax professional. Instead, professional bill collectors and salesmen run the show with one goal in mind – they just want your money. They don’t care that you’re a real person and that the consequences of a tax lien can be life-altering.

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If They Don’t Follow the Rules, They Can’t Help You With Taxes

These ambulance chasers are infamous for their annoying, aggressive, and often intimidating phone solicitation techniques. These firms employ large numbers of cold-callers who are more qualified to sell you a gym membership than to help you with your tax issues. They work off of long lists of people who might have existing tax debt, hoping to scare someone into handing over their money.

Tax advice or preparing tax returns all to have a specific set of rules to follow, which are outlined in a document called Circular 230. There are close to 50 pages of regulations I need to follow as a tax help professional, and section 10.30 has some pretty clear restrictions regarding solicitation:

“A practitioner may not make, directly or indirectly, an uninvited written or oral solicitation of employment in matters related to the Internal Revenue Service…”

Unfortunately for taxpayers and tax professionals alike, these so-called tax help firms fall through a legal loophole, as you do not currently need to be a licensed tax professional to open a tax help firm. Believe it or not, some members of Congress and IRS employees actually approve of these companies, because they can scare people into paying their taxes. If they’re trying to scare you, chances are they won’t be of much help to you.

They Will Lie, Manipulate & Tell You Exactly What You Want to Hear

In my time as a tax help pro, I’ve heard them all. I’ve heard ambulance chasers tell potential clients some pretty unbelievable lies, including:

  • Your penalties and interest will magically disappear
  • Your current taxes can just be grouped into their agreement
  • They claim to have flat or one-time fees
  • They have special “high-priority” status with the IRS.

These claims, and many more like them, are patently false. With every one of my clients that came to be from one of these firms, the story is the same. Seemingly without fail, these companies will promise the world to stressed-out individuals, only to completely change their story once payment is made. In many instances, they’ll take an initial flat fee, fail to work on your case, and then drop the case altogether if you don’t send them even more money.

In my opinion, the behavior of these firms is incredibly unethical and has a damaging effect on real people’s lives and financial future. The problem is, many people simply don’t know that these firms are of dubious repute – even worse, they fail to realize the incredibly damaging effects that improper tax advice can cause.

When you consult with me, you can trust that my advice comes from a place of true understanding and genuine concern. I care about my clients’ well-being, and I have the skill, knowledge, and experience to give them effective counsel on all tax matters, including tax liens.

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